Before moving Tips

Before moving tips

Choosing a Moving Company

- Ask a friend relative or co worker for an advice, who has recently moved. Contact the Better Business Bureau or Chamber of Commerce for recommendations.

- Do a little background research on your potential moving company. Make sure the moving company you want to hire is FULLY licensed and insured.
- Request a “in home moving estimate”, if you are moving long distance or if you have a large move 
(for example 3-4 bedrooms or more.)

- Do not be afraid to compare rates and calling around ask for references.

- When comparing rates be sure to know exactly what each moving company is including in the moving estimate. If you don’t understand something you should call the moving company immediately and ask them to explain in details the moving estimate that you have received from them. Be very careful for any hidden costs or any additional charges that may apply. The only way to avoid that is to understand completely the moving estimate that you have received, so don’t be afraid to call any mover and ask them to explain the moving estimate that they have send to you.

Scheduling Your Moving Date

-Schedule your moving date minimum 2-3 weeks in advance. 

-Try to book and reserve your moving crew and date of move in advance. Most companies give better rates for early booking.

Things To Do Before your moving date

-Set aside a bag for personal items such as keys, airline tickets, checkbooks, travel money ID, Passport, etc.

- Mark the boxes at least on three sides to make it easy for you to locate the boxes in your new home once your move is complete.

- Keep a record of final bills and make sure you let each company know where to send your final bill.

Boxes and Packing Supplies

. - Ask your mover to send to you price for each their packing supplies or to recommend places to buy moving supplies

- Label all the boxes

-Pack large boxes with light items only (small boxes may be packed with heavy items like books and etc.)

- Individually wrap items inside the box to prevent damages, make sure you have blank newsprint, paper and etc.

- Room names of your new home should be written on your moving boxes to ensure that all of the boxes will placed where they belong

Fragile and Extraordinary Items

-Personal items like jewelry, precious stones, gold and items with high value should be separately by you or a relative to the family.
-Fragile Items like: shades, lamps, electronics, need a special protecting that is efficient. That way you will avoid any damages.

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